About Yunnan

At the crossroads of antique trade routes connecting Tibet, South-east Asia, India and China, Yunnan Province, at the south west boundaries of the Middle Kingdom , has managed to preserve most of its characteristics.

With the opening of new roads and air lines the “Province South of the Clouds” is a first choice destination for travellers wiilling to step out of the beaten path.

Yunnan map

The diversity of its landscapes and its overwhelming ethnic diversity make it an ideal land for who seeks strong cultural experiences within cities, villages and fields.

Yunnan province, keystone of the “Great Mekong Subregion”, looks like an arrow that China and the Himalayas insert in the body of Indo-China.

Travelling from Tibet to Singapore, Nepal to China, Vietnam to Mongolia or Laos to Hong-Kong, are exemples of fascinating and exciting itineraries that will cross, rest or rebound in Yunnan.