Telephone and Internet

Call China

Dial 00 86 followed by the province code and…the number of the person you want to call!

Call from China

From a house phone, a phone booth or a chinese mobile, dial 00, country code and the number you wish to call.
If you want to use your cell phone in China, enquire from your provider to know if it’s possible. A cheaper solution is to buy a SIM card in China. Prices start around 5€/7US$ and largely depend on the phone number you choose:  if it includes many “lucky” 8,  it will be more expensive than a number full of “ill- faited” 4!
In China, you can easily buy very cheap phonecards to call abroad from a phone booth or a house phone (IP card). Attention! Some phonecards can only be used in the province they were bought.
There’s also small phone shops with very interesting prices to call in China and abroad.


You‘ll find internet bars (wangba: 网吧) almost everywhere where young chinese people play wargames and chat on line day an dnight. The atmosphere is often noisy and smoky. 1 hour connection costs 1 to 5 yuan.
In touristic places, many bars have computers and/or wifi connection for customers’ use.
You can visit any website as long as it’s not openly hostile to the chinese government.