Southern Yunnan (6 days / 5 nights)


Take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful region of Yunnan. Experience breathtaking paddy fields and folk customs in Yuanyang, historical sites and colorful scenes of daily life in Jianshui.

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Day 1 : Yuanyang (alt : 1900m)


Departure from Kunming for Yuanyang (7-8 hours’ drive). A visit en route to a Mongol village, by midafternoon we cross over the Red River then we discover the fabulous terraced fields (UNESCO site) that have been sculpted on the side of mountains for over 1000 years by the Yi and Hani people. Beautiful sunsets at a stunning site overlooking rice paddies that stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Overnight accommodation in a friendly inn in a Hani village renowned for its terraced paddy fields

Day 2 : Yuanyang (alt : 1900m)

An early morning start to revel in the spectacle of the sea of clouds at sunrise over the paddy fields. Then a morning visit to the Hani village where we are staying. In the afternoon hiking along a cobbled road that zigzags in and out of the paddy fields and a visit to a pretty village.
Beautiful sunsets at a stunning site overlooking rice paddies that look like mirrors.

Overnight in the same inn

Day 3 : Yuanyang (alt : 1900m)

Departure in the early hours of the morning for a local market (Dai, Yi, Hani, Yao and Miao). After lunch, a visit to a Yi village and a sunset at a superb site where the rice paddies resemble mirrors that reflect the sky.

Overnight in the same inn.

Day 4 : Jianshui (alt : 1450m)

Morning departure for Jianshui (Approx. 4 hours’ drive). Considered the most beautiful city in southern Yunnan, Jianshui was long a place of exile for intellectuals condemned by the Empire. The town continues to exude a “Han” atmosphere which is a rarity in this province with its wealth of ethnic minorities. Visit to the village of Tuanshan, the seat of the Zhang Clan, a wealthy family that made its fortune in the salt trade. Amongst the maze of its backstreets you’ll discover old dwellings and courtyards dating from the late nineteenth century. On the way back a stopover at Double Dragon Bridge built in the eighteenth century.

Overnight accommodation in Jianshui in a charming hotel.

Day 5 :Jianshui (alt : 1450m)

A morning visit to the second largest Confucian Temple in China – second only to the one in Qufu (which was the master’s home province) and to the Zhu residence, built in the late nineteenth century by wealthy merchants. In the afternoon walk in the old town.

Overnight accommodation in the same hotel.

Day 6 : Kunming (alt : 1900m)

Departure for Kunming (Approx. 3.5 hours’ drive).

Price per person

  • Based on 2 people travelling together, 6 days from 8 990 RMB or 1 112 €*
  • Based on 4 people travelling together, 6 days from  5 990 RMB or 748 €*  
  • Based on 6 people travelling together, 6 days from  4 750 RMB or 593 €*

* Calculated with the exchange rate 1 € = 8 ¥

This price includes

  1.  Transportation by private vehicle with driver (gasoline and tolls included)
  2. Accommodation as indicated (5 nights)
  3. Breakfasts
  4. The 3 evening meals in the paddy fields
  5. Having a guide who speaks fluent Chinese and English accompanying you
  6. All entrance fees to sites included in the program (The various rice fields panorama points, village of Tuanshan, Zhu residence, Confucius Temple)
  7. Local travel insurance. Please note this does not replace Repatriation Insurance *
  8. The good company and cheeriness of our team !

This price does not include

  1. International and domestic flights to/from Kunming
  2. * Repatriation Insurance, which you must purchase before your departure. Documentation or other evidence (such as the credit card purchase of flight) will be requested
  3. Personal expenses
  4. Tips for the guide and driver
  5. Your meals and drinks


At a glance

  • Duration : 6 days / 5 nights
  • Cities visited : Yuanyang, Jianshui
  • Option : Kunming, Shilin, north Yunnan
  • Price from  : 593 €
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